Hillview Sculpture Park Sutton Forrest

Without End Without End is a series of works that have risen from the process of exploring simplified geometric shape and form. Interwoven positive and negative space build in a molecular sequence giving rise to totem like structures. A marker commonly used in many cultures over millennia to reconcile the transition from one form to the other linking the physical plane with the spiritual. The endless possibilities and combinations further emphasising the infinite nature of the work as well as everything around us.

Varnished mild steel
190-230 x 15 x 15cm each

Siteplan 2095 Siteplan 2077 has evolved from Battaglia’s sculptural exploration of geometry. Through its strong vertical and horizontal form, an abstract floating landscape formation emerges indicative of an urban construction exhibited for public viewing.

​Varnished mild steel, painted steel
w 400 x h 300 x d 55cm